Focus: Body, Mind, & Spirit

First I want to recap the weekend. GRIT on Thursday was awesome! We had a pretty good turnout and everyone got a GREAT workout in! Saturday morning, we did the Mud Factor out at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch in Gretna. Let’s start at the beginning. Jack woke us up at like 6:30 so I was already SO tired. It was 37, raining, and 15-20mph winds from the North. We were all secretly trying to talk each other out of it! It had snowed and rained pretty much all week, so we knew it was going to be EXTRA muddy…and it was. When we got to Vala’s, we went to register and realized it was even colder than we had thought. We again tried talking each other out of it, but just decide to hell with it. We started pretty much right at 10 and I immediately forgot how freaking cold it was outside! I was having SUCH a good time! The obstacles started out easy: jumping over huge holes in the ground or over big cylinder containers. Then came the tough ones. We had to go over tall ladder type things. We had ones at angles, ones straight up and down where you used a rope to get over, we had a skate ramp we had to run up. And remember it was muddy as shit! Oh it was SO fun. I can’t wait to do it again. I’m a little sore in my hip flexors and the muscles in my foot, but it reminded me that I am NOT broken anymore and I can do this!

Back up to Friday, I was talking to my girlfriend Tana and she was asking me how I possibly fit in work, teaching classes, doing my own workouts, cooking, cleaning, AND actually spending time with my husband. I really didn’t even have an answer. It made me stop and think about how much time I actually do spend at the gym and not at home with Nate. That’s what prompted me to take the ENTIRE WEEK OFF from the gym. Last time I did this? Who even knows. This week I am focusing on my mind, body, and spirit. I want to love myself without spending all those hours in the gym. I’m not going to gain 10 pounds. It’s going to be difficult because I LOVE working out, but I just think my body needs the break. Plus, this is going to be a great week to get some quality time spent with Nate. Yesterday was day one of not working out and Nate and I got SO much done in our yard! I will have to post some pics. Then he grilled dinner for us and we watched Silver Linings Playbook. I am so glad he talked me into staying up until 10:15 because the movie was amazing. The rest of the week is supposed to be rainy, so I’m hoping we can have more chill nights together. Tonight, I am going to make him spaghetti and then we’re going to Ironman 3!

How I’m feeling:

Since it’s only been really one day, I’m doing pretty well. I am not worrying about getting enough to eat before or after my classes/workouts and that’s what I want. I usually don’t like working out on Mondays anyway, so it was easy to say no to the gym. I’ll keep track of how I feel these next few days to see if I am succeeding at focusing on “body, mind, and spirit”.

I’ll keep you posted. I’ll be back tomorrow with some pictures!



Tabatas and a New Challenge

Hey! So this week has already been crazy busy and it’s only going to get crazier! I have lunch with a friend for her 29th birthday (not sure how many 29th’s she’s had already…15 maybe? ha) and then meeting with a couple girls to go over boot camp plans for this summer! Tomorrow is FINALLY the first day of GRIT launch! I am SO excited for it to finally be here! I am teaching GRIT Strength at 5:15am tomorrow morning (yikes) and then helping with GRIT Plyometric tomorrow evening and Friday morning. Friday after work, we are heading to Omaha so I can get ready for the Mud Factor on Saturday morning. Not sure what I signed up for…I’m a little nervous! Especially since I haven’t run three miles in almost two years. Anyway, I will post about GRIT launch and my race when it happens!

Monday, I was really in the mood to work hard in the gym and even though I teach a Tabata class every week, I don’t do it full-out myself since I have to watch form/technique during class. So I made up an AWESOME cardio and strength tabata that had me completely drenched.

First of all, Tabata is a high intensity interval training workout where you do 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest following for 8 cycles for a total of 4 minutes. I rested 30 seconds in between each Tabata and I did 7 total Tabatas. Here’s my workout:

Cardio and Strength TABATA

Warm-up: 10 min on Stair Stepper

Tabata 1 Cardio:

(alternate between moves)

Burpees & Jumping Jacks

Tabata 2 Strength:

Push-ups & Walking lunges

Tabata 3 Cardio:

High Knees & Side to Side Leaps

Tabata 4 Strength:

Dumbbell Rows (15#) & Squat w/ OH Press (10# ea hand)

Tabata 5 Cardio:

Jump Squats & Mountain Climbers

Tabata 6 Strength:

Reverse Lunges & One-legged pull-ins

Tabata 7 Abs:

Full Sit-ups & Side plank w/ pulse (Alt. sides)

Cooldown: stretch


So I have no idea how to get there to not be spaces in between each line. I even did it in word and copy/pasted it and it still ended up like this. Oh well no one reads this anyway ha!

I am also doing a plank challenge for the month of May!


I saw this on Instagram last night and jumped all over it! I really hope I can hold a 5 min plank by the end of the month. I will check in on my progress!

That’s all for now since I am annoyed with my lack of technology skills.



Even though I love reading blogs and love the concept of blogging, I totally suck at it. It seems like the majority of my material comes up when I’m laying in bed and can’t sleep. I wonder if other people are like this as well. I cannot believe it’s going to be May 1st next week already. We had snow on Tuesday for goodness sake. While I think I’m ready for summer, I’m totally not. I have no idea where this next month is going to take us, but if we are here, this is what my class schedule is going to look like June-August:

Monday – AM Bootcamp, PM GRIT

Tuesday – AM Spin

Wednesday – PM Grit and Tabata

Thursday – AM Spin

Friday – AM Bootcamp

Saturday – AM Spin

Wow, what did I sign myself up for?! ha! I am pretty excited to finally be teaching more spin classes because I truly LOVE teaching and taking spin classes! The new northwest Y location is opening as well next Wednesday and we will be doing our GRIT launch that following weekend. I am also running Mud Factor in Omaha on May 4. It will be my first “race” since I broke my foot almost two years ago. It’s crazy to think I’m running again, but I am trying to take it SUPER slow and not re-injure my foot. We will see how the 5k goes.

I think I am going to start putting up projects on here. I have so many ideas for our home and for our garden/yard! If I take pictures and post all of my projects, maybe I’ll get some followers on this bad boy! ha! Plus, it will hold me accountable to actually post on here every once in awhile. 

I am looking forward to a really busy weekend though! Friday night, we have group certification training. Saturday morning, I teach spin at 7 and then I’m heading to Columbus to my friend’s bridal shower. After I get back, I’m going to my mom’s house to paint her room! I am seriously so excited to re-do her room. I cannot WAIT to see the afters! I will definitely take before and after pictures and post them. Maybe that can be my first project on here! Sunday, I will be working in my yard and I’ll be sure to take some pictures for that as well. YAY! Now I have to do it because I wrote it 🙂

Be back sooner or later…


Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired

Hey! It’s Monday, which means I’m sleepy, grouchy, sick of the weather, etc. But, first let’s back up to this weekend! Friday after work, I headed straight to Omaha to pick up my sister-in-law MB and we headed to Kansas City for a girls weekend! We went straight to our hotel, the Fairfield Inn, which I was able to book for $109/night on Priceline! It was super nice and 1.9 miles from Power & Light District and 2 miles from the Plaza! It was perfect. And $109 is SO cheap because the NCAA March Madness tourney was in town! I couldn’t believe I got such a good deal. Anyway, we dropped our stuff off and decided we were going to just get some dinner and have a couple of drinks. Well…that turned into us partying until 1:30! I can’t remember the last time we did that! It basically ruined any chance of going out on Saturday night haha! Saturday, we woke up and had breakfast and then I worked out while MB napped. I got ready and we headed to the Plaza for a little H&M action! I was sooo excited to go! We didn’t even get through half of the first floor! Saturday night we laid low because 1) we were still feeling the effects of Friday night and 2) it was a blizzard outside! Yup, end of March in Kansas City. Craziness. Sunday I drove the long drive back home.

Now it’s Monday, I’m draggin ass and I’m sick of it. Here’s where my title comes in. I am so sick of making excuses as to why I’m not reaching my goals. Candy here, sugar there. Pop, artificial colors, flavors etc. are making me sick! I feel like crap ALL the time and I’m so, so tired of it! I seriously need to just stop. STOP. I can’t take it anymore. It’s making me depressed and cranky and no one wants to be around someone like that. So I’m done. No more shit. Today, Nate and I are starting the Jamie Eason Live Fit trainer again and I’m excited to actually eat the meals too!! It’s going to be tough because I need to make sure I’m eating enough protein and not all of the refined crap, but I want to reach my goals and I need to be strict! I also am going to be eating 5 meals a day. This is SO hard for me because I love my big portions!!! This will be major portion control for me and the no snacking is going to be tough, but I REALLY want a six pack this summer and the diet is what’s gonna do it for me. So here we go!

Meal 1 – Naked Green Machine – I know this is low in protein and high in sugar, but I needed my greens and had no food in the house due to being gone all weekend!!

Meal 2 – Half of a quest bar. I can never eat an entire one again! They have soooo much fiber haha! But I think I am going to do this for meals 2 & 4 from now on. Just do half each meal. They keep me pretty full!!

Not sure what the rest of the meals will be. We’ll see!

Well, I’m outta here.


Good morning! Well, actually it hasn’t been the best morning. I had to be at the North YMCA to take Mary Ann’s GRIT class while she taped. This is the third day in a row I’ve had to do GRIT full out. I am sore to say the least. Anyway, when I went outside, Amber was parked behind me so I scrambled looking for her keys, moved her car and hopped in mine. We have a small retaining wall along our driveway (only on my side) and I have hit it before scratching the shit out of my car. Well, I did it again this morning and I took a couple of the cinder blocks with my on the way out of the driveway, lifting up the right side of my bumper (which was already off balance from Nate hitting our friend’s car). UGH. My pretty car is all jacked up now! Nate said to get an estimate right away. I love not having a car payment, but that usually means having car shop bills instead! But this was just stupid of me. Moving on.

Sunday I did my first taping for my GRIT certification. I messed up on the first song and then my video taper accidentally knocked over the camera so I had to re-tape. No big deal. I was much more confident the second time around! I taped again yesterday morning at 5:30 and I am definitely sending that one in! I hope they accept it! 🙂 I was so sore yesterday morning, but somehow my adrenaline pushed me through it! I love the feeling of teaching a class. I get that “runner’s high” but instead it’s a “teacher’s high”. I love it!

So anyway, Mary Ann taped this morning and she didn’t bring the cord to plug her camera in and it died half way through. We didn’t know that until the end, so she is re-taping on Friday. I feel so bad because this is her 3rd time and she did SO well this morning! 3rd time will be the charm!

I am trying to get Nate back into the gym again because I love his confidence when he works out! So, we will probably do Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer because it’s structured and he needs that. Be ready to see me get buff! 😉

Well, that’s enough rambling for one day. I’ll be back soon.


Xoxo, Maren

Friday’s Five Favs.



1. Powerade Zero. I know this doesn’t have the best of ingredients, but it doesn’t have aspartame (which my body REALLY hates) and it helps me get my fluids in! I just recently found this Strawberry flavor, and it may take over my previous #1 Mixed Berry.

2. Two words. Blend Retreat. I can even contain my excitement for this event! My bestie and roomie Amber is going with me and I finally get to meet my fav blogger Janetha! I have learned SO much from this girl! She is putting on the event with two other bloggers, Lindsay and Katie. It’s being held in Park City, UT this year and my awesome husband bought both my plane ticket and Amber’s! He’s the bomb.


3. GRIT. Have you heard of the new Les Mills GRIT Series? It’s freaking intense. I did the two-day training back in January and now I have to teach the class to a group of people while being video-taped! I then have to send in the video for critiquing and that’s how I get my certification! So, on Sunday, that’s what I’m doing. With my foot being so shit-tastic, I’ve taken the last 3 weeks off from any jumping at all. So, I’m just hoping I can get through all the ridiculous plyometrics WHILE teaching and motivating the people in my class. Should be interesting, but I am excited to start teaching the class!!

spin shoes

4. Spin shoes! I finally bought myself a pair. I had NO clue what size to get since most of them are in European sizing, but I found a bunch of sizing charts online and thought 40.5 would be perfect for my size 9 shoe. Well I was WAY off. I got them in the mail last night and they are so tiny! I am super bummed. I was excited to teach spin in them tomorrow! I think I am going to go up to a 41.5 and fingers crossed they work!

5. TRUTH. 22 Signs You’re Kind Of, Sort Of Becoming a Grown Up. I posted this on my facebook page a couple days ago, but seriously I can relate with every one of them. Please take a few minutes to read it!


That’s all I’ve got for today. I am hoping I can make this a regular thing. We’ll see J Happy Friday!

The beginning.

Here’s to hoping I can write a consistent blog. We’ll see how it goes. This morning I made it to 5:30 am spin. Why don’t I work out every morning? I feel a million times better during the day (although I am far hungrier) and then I don’t have to go at night. The only downside to working out in the morning is I eat more at night. I wonder if I’ll ever get over that. You know when you eat dinner and then just want to keep eating the rest of the night? I’ve been an emotional eater for awhile now. I’d say 4-5 years. I constantly work on it and when I’m comfortable with everything else in my life, I definitely have no problem say “no” to eating all frickin night. But if I’ve got lots of stress in my life, then I struggle. It’s like an internal battle with myself to stay out of the kitchen. I’m workin on it.

I got married on December 22, 2012 and went on our honeymoon the very next day to Jamaica. I did not take a single picture of myself in a swimsuit. I want to be comfortable in a swimsuit. I’m 24 for god’s sake! I should have a rockin bod at this age! So my goal for this blog is to help me figure out what works and what doesn’t for my body.

Today is Ash Wednesday. I have decided to give up artificial sugar. I know it makes me feel rotten, but it’s so hard to give up!! I absolutely love gum and diet pop. I already gave up gluten for the month of February to try and help me figure out what’s giving my belly troubles, but it’s my bday next week and I’m having a couple beers. BECAUSE I CAN! I can’t wait 🙂 Oh, and I’m lactose intolerant, so I basically can’t eat anything. ha! I’ll post some of the foods I eat on a regular basis.

This is enough for one post. I’m out.