A Recipe and Exciting News!

Hi all you few people that read my blog! 🙂

I’m currently enjoying a nice glass of wine and some couch time with Nate and thought I pop in to say hello! My first week of training went really well! I ran 7 miles outside in the BITTER COLD! It was 11 degrees when I started and 12 when I finally finished. I was glad to get it done, though, and I’m even more excited for this weekend! It’s supposed to be a high of 50 on Saturday! Woop! My IT band has been tight, but I am working on strengthening my glute-med and doing some extra stretching and rolling.

On Sunday night, I was craving something warm and comforting, so I made miso soup! Here are the three base ingredients I use, and then I add whatever else I’m feeling like for the day.


The Hondashi calls for 1 packet per 2 1/2 cups of boiling water. Then I add 1Tbsp of Miso per cup of water. While I’m waiting for the water to boil, I put the dried seaweed in a bowl of cold water and it GROWS! So be careful! You don’t need nearly as much as you think. I didn’t have any tofu on hand, so I boiled some black bean noodles instead for my protein. I added those and some mushrooms and continued to soft-boil until the mushrooms were cooked. I added some green onions and it was ready to go! Once you have your base, you really can add whatever vegetables and proteins you want!


Miso Soup


  • 1 packet Hondashi
  • 2-3 T Miso
  • 2 1/2 c water
  • 1 T dried seaweed
  • 3 baby bella mushrooms
  • 2oz black bean noodles
  • 2 T green onions


Boil water. Add 1 packet of hondashi (follow directions on packet for packet-to-water ratios). Add Miso. While boiling, add seaweed to a bowl of cold water. Add mushrooms and cooked black bean noodles to soup stock. Add seaweed once it’s re-hydrated. Soft-boil until mushrooms are cooked. Add green onions and serve!

Now for the exciting news…. I bought my materials to get my ACE Group Exercise Certification!

ACEIn order to teach classes at the gym I currently work at, I have to have my Group Ex Cert. I have been there 10 months and I am finally ready to commit to studying and taking the test. Honestly, I haven’t done it because I simply was SCARED. I am scared I am going to fail the test! I am excited that I finally took the step and I hope I am teaching classes very SOON!

I also bought some amazing Brooks socks at Marshall’s yesterday!

brookssocksThe training socks on the left were only $5.99 and the race day ones were $4.99!

Well, I am about to dominate some Chicken Enchilada Soup! I should probably share that recipe too. Maybe next Tuesday. Oh, here are my workouts this week:

Monday – 4 miles, 3 rounds of: 50 squat with cable row, 50 kb swings, 50 plate switches, 50 jack press

Tuesday – Back and Biceps, 40 min cycle

Wednesday – 4-5 miles speedwork

Thursday – Pilates and 2 mile easy run

Friday – swim 1 mile

Saturday – 7 mile run

Alright, I’m out! Have a great night! xo, Maren


1/2 Marathon Training!

Hi all,

One of my goals is to write here more often. I have so many things I could talk about! I just need to get more organized with my thoughts so I don’t BLAB. Anyway, I signed up for Rock the Parkway again this year and I am SO excited! Here we are last year after finishing:

RTP Finishers

I need something to work towards. My ultimate goal this year is to NOT get injured. Getting injured always sets me back for up to 5 months and it’s just not worth it! Here’s my weekly training plan. I’ll be on the lower end in the beginning and the higher end closer to the race which is April 11.

Monday – 3-5 easy miles
Tuesday – GPP
Wednesday – 4-6 speed/tempo miles
Thursday – 2-3 easy miles/pilates/GPP
Friday – swim
Saturday – long run 7-12 miles
Sunday – REST!

So, some of my goals for this training plan are:

1. Fuel properly. This means NO booze the night before my long run. Unfortunately this also means no drinking on Friday nights. That may be difficult, but I REALLY want to be successful this time around and that unfortunately means I have to make some sacrifices!

2. Foam roll on every running day! Also, spend 20-30 minutes on Saturdays after my run stretching and rolling. I know this will help prevent injury. I was actually pretty good about this last year while training, so it shouldn’t be too difficult!

3. Rest if I’m tired! Adding the extra miles always makes me sleepy. I need to make sure I am getting enough rest and resting on my non-running days if I feel like I need to.

Hope to be back soon!

xo, Maren