Starting fresh…

This weekend Nate and I went to Omaha Beer Fest and had an absolutely amazing time! Even though I was seriously missing my BLEND’s, I still had a great time! Beer Fest was held at Stinson Park, which is walking distance from our place. How convenient, right?! We sampled WAY too many different types of beers, then went and had some sushi, which I honestly barely remember. 

It’s two days later now and I am STILL feeling down about Saturday. It’s so weird. I remember my friend Amber used to get “two day hangovers” where she would be SO down in the dumps and felt like she couldn’t get out of it and I am feeling the exact same way! I am so sluggish today and my workout was pathetic. Yesterday, I had CPR training from 8-1 and then worked until 6, so it was an incredibly long day. I sat there feeling fat, hungover, and depressed all day at work and decided I no longer can do this to myself. It’s not fair to me or to anyone around me. 

I’ve decided to cut sugar back out of my diet. I don’t eat a lot of sugar anyway, but I have totally gone back to gum. I chew almost a pack a day again. I did SO well cutting it out, but ever since I moved back to Omaha and started working at the gym, I got addicted again! It’s going to be so hard for me to cut out sugar, but I know it’s going to help with my mood. All I did was want sugar and carbs yesterday. It’s not fun at all. I am also going to try and cut back on the drinking. I don’t drink excessively, but I look forward to a drink at the end of the day and that usually turns into 2-3 drinks. It’s got to stop. I work SO hard in the gym and eat so healthy and then booze just negates all of my hard work!

So here I am putting it in writing that I am DONE with treating my body like shit. It’s time to treat myself better so I can feel better! Here’s to a new day, a new outlook. Now I just need the damn sun to shine!

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