I’ve wanted to be a consistent blogger for the past 3 years, but I can never seem to make anything of it. Nate and I are moving AGAIN. This will be 3 cities in less than 3 years, so I’m not exactly nostalgic towards “things”. People however? This is going to be tough. I never thought I’d move back to Grand Island, but here I am. Happy. I have a great job. I love all of the people I’ve met and developed relationships with, and I honestly do not want to start over again. I know Omaha will be a great opportunity for Nate and for me, but it doesn’t make leaving these amazing people any easier. I decided I am going to write this so I can keep in touch with all of the amazing people I’ve met over the last year and a half.

This blog will consist of my daily rambles about fitness and food, as well as what I am up to in  Omaha while I’m job searching (and soul searching).

Saturday, Nate and I had plans to search for an apartment to live in, but I had to get an 8 miler in before that. Of course it snowed 2” the night before, but I knew if I didn’t go right out, I wouldn’t fit it in all weekend. I headed to my favorite place, Lake Zorinsky, and busted out 8 snowy miles in 1:13. Not bad for fresh, slick snow. After I finished, I showered quick and we were off to search. We ended up finding a really nice place in Aksarben! But I basically didn’t drink an ounce of water all day and ended up with a SUPER tight IT band on Sunday morning. I took Sunday and yesterday off from all exercise and I am feeling much better this morning.

I started today out with teaching 5:15am cycling and then subbed for Mel at 6. Nothing like coming back to teach back-to-back and burning 1000 calories before 7am! J Here’s what the rest of my workout week looks like:

Monday: unplanned rest

Tuesday: teach 2 cycling classes, CX WORX

Wednesday: 4 miles speed work, lift chest/tri’s

Thursday: teach cycling, 3 mile easy run, possibly lift back/bi’s

Friday: teach tabata

Saturday: 8 mile run SLOW

Sunday: off

I say slow because I clearly pushed it WAY too hard last week and then paid for it by having to miss my run yesterday. I am training for Rock the Parkway ½ marathon on April 12th, so I will slowly be building up my mileage. I’ll be running on Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Saturdays.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. I’ve got a yummy recipe I’m making tomorrow, so I’ll get it up on the blog Thursday!

Xoxo, Maren


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