Focus: Body, Mind, & Spirit

First I want to recap the weekend. GRIT on Thursday was awesome! We had a pretty good turnout and everyone got a GREAT workout in! Saturday morning, we did the Mud Factor out at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch in Gretna. Let’s start at the beginning. Jack woke us up at like 6:30 so I was already SO tired. It was 37, raining, and 15-20mph winds from the North. We were all secretly trying to talk each other out of it! It had snowed and rained pretty much all week, so we knew it was going to be EXTRA muddy…and it was. When we got to Vala’s, we went to register and realized it was even colder than we had thought. We again tried talking each other out of it, but just decide to hell with it. We started pretty much right at 10 and I immediately forgot how freaking cold it was outside! I was having SUCH a good time! The obstacles started out easy: jumping over huge holes in the ground or over big cylinder containers. Then came the tough ones. We had to go over tall ladder type things. We had ones at angles, ones straight up and down where you used a rope to get over, we had a skate ramp we had to run up. And remember it was muddy as shit! Oh it was SO fun. I can’t wait to do it again. I’m a little sore in my hip flexors and the muscles in my foot, but it reminded me that I am NOT broken anymore and I can do this!

Back up to Friday, I was talking to my girlfriend Tana and she was asking me how I possibly fit in work, teaching classes, doing my own workouts, cooking, cleaning, AND actually spending time with my husband. I really didn’t even have an answer. It made me stop and think about how much time I actually do spend at the gym and not at home with Nate. That’s what prompted me to take the ENTIRE WEEK OFF from the gym. Last time I did this? Who even knows. This week I am focusing on my mind, body, and spirit. I want to love myself without spending all those hours in the gym. I’m not going to gain 10 pounds. It’s going to be difficult because I LOVE working out, but I just think my body needs the break. Plus, this is going to be a great week to get some quality time spent with Nate. Yesterday was day one of not working out and Nate and I got SO much done in our yard! I will have to post some pics. Then he grilled dinner for us and we watched Silver Linings Playbook. I am so glad he talked me into staying up until 10:15 because the movie was amazing. The rest of the week is supposed to be rainy, so I’m hoping we can have more chill nights together. Tonight, I am going to make him spaghetti and then we’re going to Ironman 3!

How I’m feeling:

Since it’s only been really one day, I’m doing pretty well. I am not worrying about getting enough to eat before or after my classes/workouts and that’s what I want. I usually don’t like working out on Mondays anyway, so it was easy to say no to the gym. I’ll keep track of how I feel these next few days to see if I am succeeding at focusing on “body, mind, and spirit”.

I’ll keep you posted. I’ll be back tomorrow with some pictures!



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