Tabatas and a New Challenge

Hey! So this week has already been crazy busy and it’s only going to get crazier! I have lunch with a friend for her 29th birthday (not sure how many 29th’s she’s had already…15 maybe? ha) and then meeting with a couple girls to go over boot camp plans for this summer! Tomorrow is FINALLY the first day of GRIT launch! I am SO excited for it to finally be here! I am teaching GRIT Strength at 5:15am tomorrow morning (yikes) and then helping with GRIT Plyometric tomorrow evening and Friday morning. Friday after work, we are heading to Omaha so I can get ready for the Mud Factor on Saturday morning. Not sure what I signed up for…I’m a little nervous! Especially since I haven’t run three miles in almost two years. Anyway, I will post about GRIT launch and my race when it happens!

Monday, I was really in the mood to work hard in the gym and even though I teach a Tabata class every week, I don’t do it full-out myself since I have to watch form/technique during class. So I made up an AWESOME cardio and strength tabata that had me completely drenched.

First of all, Tabata is a high intensity interval training workout where you do 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest following for 8 cycles for a total of 4 minutes. I rested 30 seconds in between each Tabata and I did 7 total Tabatas. Here’s my workout:

Cardio and Strength TABATA

Warm-up: 10 min on Stair Stepper

Tabata 1 Cardio:

(alternate between moves)

Burpees & Jumping Jacks

Tabata 2 Strength:

Push-ups & Walking lunges

Tabata 3 Cardio:

High Knees & Side to Side Leaps

Tabata 4 Strength:

Dumbbell Rows (15#) & Squat w/ OH Press (10# ea hand)

Tabata 5 Cardio:

Jump Squats & Mountain Climbers

Tabata 6 Strength:

Reverse Lunges & One-legged pull-ins

Tabata 7 Abs:

Full Sit-ups & Side plank w/ pulse (Alt. sides)

Cooldown: stretch


So I have no idea how to get there to not be spaces in between each line. I even did it in word and copy/pasted it and it still ended up like this. Oh well no one reads this anyway ha!

I am also doing a plank challenge for the month of May!


I saw this on Instagram last night and jumped all over it! I really hope I can hold a 5 min plank by the end of the month. I will check in on my progress!

That’s all for now since I am annoyed with my lack of technology skills.



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