Good morning! Well, actually it hasn’t been the best morning. I had to be at the North YMCA to take Mary Ann’s GRIT class while she taped. This is the third day in a row I’ve had to do GRIT full out. I am sore to say the least. Anyway, when I went outside, Amber was parked behind me so I scrambled looking for her keys, moved her car and hopped in mine. We have a small retaining wall along our driveway (only on my side) and I have hit it before scratching the shit out of my car. Well, I did it again this morning and I took a couple of the cinder blocks with my on the way out of the driveway, lifting up the right side of my bumper (which was already off balance from Nate hitting our friend’s car). UGH. My pretty car is all jacked up now! Nate said to get an estimate right away. I love not having a car payment, but that usually means having car shop bills instead! But this was just stupid of me. Moving on.

Sunday I did my first taping for my GRIT certification. I messed up on the first song and then my video taper accidentally knocked over the camera so I had to re-tape. No big deal. I was much more confident the second time around! I taped again yesterday morning at 5:30 and I am definitely sending that one in! I hope they accept it! 🙂 I was so sore yesterday morning, but somehow my adrenaline pushed me through it! I love the feeling of teaching a class. I get that “runner’s high” but instead it’s a “teacher’s high”. I love it!

So anyway, Mary Ann taped this morning and she didn’t bring the cord to plug her camera in and it died half way through. We didn’t know that until the end, so she is re-taping on Friday. I feel so bad because this is her 3rd time and she did SO well this morning! 3rd time will be the charm!

I am trying to get Nate back into the gym again because I love his confidence when he works out! So, we will probably do Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer because it’s structured and he needs that. Be ready to see me get buff! 😉

Well, that’s enough rambling for one day. I’ll be back soon.


Xoxo, Maren

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