Friday’s Five Favs.



1. Powerade Zero. I know this doesn’t have the best of ingredients, but it doesn’t have aspartame (which my body REALLY hates) and it helps me get my fluids in! I just recently found this Strawberry flavor, and it may take over my previous #1 Mixed Berry.

2. Two words. Blend Retreat. I can even contain my excitement for this event! My bestie and roomie Amber is going with me and I finally get to meet my fav blogger Janetha! I have learned SO much from this girl! She is putting on the event with two other bloggers, Lindsay and Katie. It’s being held in Park City, UT this year and my awesome husband bought both my plane ticket and Amber’s! He’s the bomb.


3. GRIT. Have you heard of the new Les Mills GRIT Series? It’s freaking intense. I did the two-day training back in January and now I have to teach the class to a group of people while being video-taped! I then have to send in the video for critiquing and that’s how I get my certification! So, on Sunday, that’s what I’m doing. With my foot being so shit-tastic, I’ve taken the last 3 weeks off from any jumping at all. So, I’m just hoping I can get through all the ridiculous plyometrics WHILE teaching and motivating the people in my class. Should be interesting, but I am excited to start teaching the class!!

spin shoes

4. Spin shoes! I finally bought myself a pair. I had NO clue what size to get since most of them are in European sizing, but I found a bunch of sizing charts online and thought 40.5 would be perfect for my size 9 shoe. Well I was WAY off. I got them in the mail last night and they are so tiny! I am super bummed. I was excited to teach spin in them tomorrow! I think I am going to go up to a 41.5 and fingers crossed they work!

5. TRUTH. 22 Signs You’re Kind Of, Sort Of Becoming a Grown Up. I posted this on my facebook page a couple days ago, but seriously I can relate with every one of them. Please take a few minutes to read it!


That’s all I’ve got for today. I am hoping I can make this a regular thing. We’ll see J Happy Friday!


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